Hormones and dreams

Hormones and dreams

Since starting on hormones, I have had a number of odd dreams. I couple that I would never put to paper, a couple I’ve just forgotten… and then there’s a few that have stuck with me.  I had a dream this morning, it was very strange to me, and was pretty much a cartoon. I wasn’t even in the dream. 

The two players of the dream were a ghost (think pacmanish) and a roomba. Shit, this dream was pacman. I had a dream about pacman.  Any way, unlike pacman, as the ghost moved throughout the halls of this building, it would leave a trail of somethig behind… Oooze? I’m not sure, doesn’t matter. The roomba faithfully followed cleaning up after the ghost. Finally the ghost arrived upon a skeleton and disappeared. The roomba just sat that spot, like a dog waiting for an owner that never returns. Sad roomba. Then I woke up. 

So yeah. Sad roomba is in my dreams. Go figure. 



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