Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

The day has finally arrived. I can hardly believe it. Yesterday, Megan and I met with Dr. Bowers at her office in Burlingame. She was very friendly, asked questions, answered ours. She examined me and said that she didn’t think there would be any issues and that she expected the results to be very good. 

After that, we went down to the hospital and had my blood drawn one last time. From there, we picked up my bowel prep prescriptions as well as dropped off my post op prescriptions for antibiotics and pain killers. 

The rest of the afternoon I spent holed up in this hotel room, drinking a gallon of something called Go Lightly. I will tell you right now, that it is false advertising at best. A god-damn lie, I would proclaim. I’ll spare you the details, but food poisoning is about the same deal. 

Currently, it’s about 7:30 pacific time, and we check into the hospital in about 3 hours. I’m not nervous at all, not any more. I feel totally at ease with my decision and I’m comfortable with everything that’s about to happen. I suspect that as they’re starting the IV, I might get the jitters, but they have drugs for that. 

I don’t know when I’ll feel up to posting again, but I’ll try… 



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