Pausing To Say Thanks

Pausing To Say Thanks

EDIT: 2017.09.09 — Sometime last year, Premier changed their name to LightRx. This was to reflect that they offer more than just laser hair removal.

So, I know that I have a reputation for venting all of my frustrations online. I wanted to stop and give thanks for the lady that does my laser. SHE IS AWESOME. If you’re in or near Louisville and you want someone that’s competent and awesome and friendly and is ok with working on trans girl parts… She’s your lady.  So I took a minute to type a letter, print, sign and mail it to the corporate office in Michigan.  Here’s what I said:


To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing today to send praise for one of your employees in your Louisville KY location. Her name is Ashely Vonderheide. She is nothing short of fantastic and although she’s typically inflicting pain upon me, I actually look forward to seeing her.

I have been a customer of the branch since May of 2015, and with the exception of one visit, she has been my technician. Originally starting with the treatment of my face and neck area, I’ve since come back for a full Brazilian treatment. As a pre-operative transgender woman, I am not fully comfortable with my genitals and they cause me a great deal of dysphoria. However, as I needed to have hair removal done as preparation for gender confirmation surgery, I had no option but to “bare it all.”

Since I was already an existing client, I initially approached the branch manager via email to see if that’s even something that they would be comfortable doing. I was assured that it was no big deal. Even still, I was very apprehensive about the whole thing. However, having already built a rapport with Ashely, I tried to put my mind at ease. She had been nothing but professional and had always respected my pronouns and addressing me as she would any other woman.

I’m so happy to report that she has given me an experience that exceeded all my expectations and even my hopes in terms of treatment and respect. We’ve joked about the awkwardness of the whole thing and had a couple of good laughs and let the elephant in the room be a non-issue. She has taken all of my anxiety away.

I know in today’s society, we rarely stop to sing the praises, we only complain when things are wrong. I’m guilty of complaining often and never sending accolades. However, I wanted to take a moment to thank her. I was taught that for every customer you anger, they will tell 10 people. For every customer you impress, they might tell 1-2. With Ashely driving your customer service, I think any location she worked would see an improvement in customer satisfaction. You have one of the best you could hope for in your Kentucky office.

Addison L Newton

So, if someone does good, let them know. Better yet, let a lot of people know.



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